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18th December 2013 - Additional rare material.

Asad Ali Khan - Rudra Vina:
Auvidis/UNESCO - #D8205
Instrumental Music of Medieval India
Asad Ali Khan (1937 14 June 2011), was born in Alwar in the seventh generation of rudra veena players in his family. His ancestors were royal musicians in the courts of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, and Jaipur, Rajasthan in the 18th century. His great-grandfather Rajab Ali Khan was head of the court musicians in Jaipur and owned a village land holding. His grandfather Musharraf Khan (died 1909) was court musician in Alwar, and performed in London in 1886. Khan's father Sadiq Ali Khan worked as a musician for the Alwar court and for the Nawab of Rampur for 35 years. Khan grew up in a musical surrounding and was taught the Beenkar gharana (stylistic school of rudra veena playing) of Jaipur and vocals for fifteen years.

Khan was one of a few active musicians who played the rudra veena and the last surviving master of one of the four schools of dhrupad, the Khandar school. He performed in many countries, including Australia, the United States, Afghanistan, and Italy and several other European countries, and conducted music courses in the United States. Khan worked at All India Radio, taught the sitar in the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at the University of Delhi for 17 years, and continued to train students privately after his retirement. Students of Khan who perform include his son Zaki Haidar and Bikramjeet Das of Kolkata. Khan criticized the lack of willingness among Indians to study the rudra veena and has more foreign than Indian students. He was involved in preserving the playing of the instrument, which he believed to be created by the deity Shiva, and performed for SPIC MACAY, promoting Indian classical music to young Indians of all faiths.

Ali Akbar Khan - Then & Now:
THEN & NOW was nominated for a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album. Given that sarod virtuoso Ali Akbar Khan ranks among the most respected musicians in the Indian classical music community, it comes as little surprise that this two-CD set is brilliant from start to finish. The first disc is a 1955 recording of a young Khan, brought to America by renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin (who is also credited with discovering the then-unknown Ravi Shankar) to record the first album of Indian classical music ever released in the West.

The second disc, recorded live in the mid-'90s, features Khan accompanied by tabla master Zakir Hussain, whose nimble rhythms lead Khan's ragas to dizzying heights of ecstacy. A stirring encapsulation of Khan's 40-year career, Then & Now serves as both a great introduction for those unfamiliar with his work and a suitable addition to any longtime fan's collection.

Personnel: Ali Akbar Khan, Chatur Lal, Zakir Hussain. Personnel: Ali Akbar Khan (sarod); Chatur Lal, Zakir Hussain (tabla). Liner Note Author: Ali Akbar Khan. Recording information: New York City Studio (04/??/1955/11/05/1994); Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA (04/??/1955/11/05/1994). Photographer: John Werner . 2 Cds Mojo (Publisher) (7/95, p.121) - "...couples Music of India - Morning & Evening Ragas with live recordings of ragas 'Hemant' and 'Hindol-Hem' from November 1994. An incontestable selection of the year in the World Music arena."

Pandit Jasraj - Essence of the Vedas:
Pandiji sings from all four major Vedas, Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda & Atharva Veda; the Vedas are the earliest & most sacred books of Hindu India.

Bismillah - The Eternal Spirit:
Live - The Eternal Spirit album by Bismillah Khan was released Jan 01, 2006 on the Navras label. Live: London/Manchester - 11/1993 Ragas Shuddh Kalyan & Shankara.

Jasraj & Hariprasad Chaurasia - Live At Shivaji Park:
Terrific live recording from 1991 in Bombay (Mumbai).

Jasraj, Chaurasia, Hussain - Live In Concert:
Two volume CD set - Three of India's greatest musicians: Zakir Hussain, Pandit Jasraj, and Hariprasad Chaurasia, come together here for a unique performance & collaboration recorded live in Vancouver, BC, 1996.

That's it, more soon.

8th December 2013 - Twitter feed @radioflowerraj goes live

We'd like to interact more with our listeners & Twitter is one of the easiest & quickest ways to do it.

Use our Twitter feed @radioflowerraj to ask for music & to give us feedback.

4th December 2013 - Live DJing & Phone-ins:

We've finally found a piece of broadcasting software that handles live voice-overs from the DJ microphone; it also allows us to broadcast Skype phone calls live; this has many possibilities & we'll be testing these in the coming days.

Suggestions welcomed, any one want to be interviewed live on-air? Contact Us.

28th November 2013 - Development News:

Until recently we had only 1GB of storage at the station & our charges were based on the number of listeners served; as we became better known, this started to be expensive.

So we decided to go for a fixed-price package with double the track storage (2GB - c400 tracks) but with a listener maximum of 20; we rarely have more than 20 people listening at the same time, although this may soon change, in which case we'll have to upgrade again.

We are concentrating more on classical North Indian ragas now, with morning & evening raga schedules. It would be good to get some feedback on our track listings; anyone can contact us & request something they like or suggest changes. CONTACT US.

23rd July 2013 - Country stats (last 30 days as of 20130723):

Radio Flower Raj - country stats June/July 2013.

We are gaining listeners slowly but surely & soon will be transmitting live shows.
See RADIO FLOWER RAJ SCHEDULES for current updates.

3rd June 2013 - More music:

Added some more Baul music & organising playlists & schedules.

17th May 2013 - Adding music:

Thanks to the good Mimlu Sen who is allowing Radio Flower Raj to stream music from Paban Das Baul.

Currently this is the Paban Das Baul album "Inner Knowledge" - more are in the pipeline.

We are also playing "Indian Street Music - The Bauls of Bengal" an album of recordings from the 1960s, published in 1970.

13th May 2013 - The Story so far:

Three years ago I started the oral history, get the stories direct, record & archive & document, I began this process that has become The Flower Raj & early on I interviewed David Tomory, face-to-face in his London apartment, twice; both interviews were published as blog posts & podcasts. Two years later I interviewed the redoutable Klaus Schlichtman in Delhi, sitting in my room in the Hotel Tourist.

I had the idea of Skype oral history interviews pretty much since 2009. In the meantime I became engrossed in studing by videoing the close-up & personal social, spiritual,practical & religious, daily & festival lives of the villagers of Vashisht; in between bouts of inactivity I recorded many hours on both video & still cameras.

So now I've actually finally started doing Skype interviews; Andy Klein was the second person I interviewed, Peter Thomas the first; both are being published; I'm building an oral history archive with people's stories over the years. Standard old-style oral history except we don't transcribe. Studs Terkel lives!

If anyone reading this would like to be interviewed on Skype, we should talk about it first via Skype & set out a rough plan by email or Facebook & do it. I like to keep interviews at no more than twenty minutes in principle, though if the interviewee is getting carried away with memories, I wouln't pull the switch.

Do you reading this, also by any chance have any old rare Indian classical or indeed, village, music? Perhaps you have forty year old cassettes with Goa camp-fire music of the 1970s.

I've started "Flower Raj Radio" with a core of music given by people, like Steve Landsberg allowed early Mushtaq Ali Khan recordings going back to 1934, a few are poor sound quality, but that doesn't matter. Also have some newly-translated Tagore poems set to hip-hop-trance music; I like the poetry & music axis very much. Three audio interviews are out & more coming; music from a Goa campfire 1974; the last recordings of Tony Jackson "The Final Cut"; surbahar music by Steve Landsberg.

Currently the station runs 24 hours playing a random selection from our archives. It pushes out .mp3 stereo streams encoded at 96kbps, a reasonable quality for internet radio. If people want better quality re-encoding would be needed, worth it maybe for some very well-recorded pieces of unusual interest. Suggestions please.

Soon I'll be DJing live, talking about anything really, that has even a remote connection to The Flower Raj; weaving in music & inviting discussion; later will have Skype phone-ins & round-tables, "With audio only group calls there can be 25 particpants and none need to have a paid account." Ideal for our purpose.

This means also that, in theory at least, we can do remote DJing. I can hand over to a DJ in Australia or India itself, they need only the DJ software, a good connection (doesn't have to be that fast, it will be sending out an encoded .mp3 stream at 96kbps, most dongle 3G sticks can handle that, but it does need to be reliable).

Never having DJd before I am keen to learn & if there is anyone in London environs & wants to work with me & has experience, ideally of computer DJing, please contact Nico via this CONTACT FORM.

Radio Flower Raj rocks (lots of alap too):
     radio flower raj

Now our listeners have a choice; they can go to the radio page & listen to whatever we're streaming out, just like any other full-time radio station. And over time that radio station will essentially & randomly, play our entire audio archive, punctuated by scheduled live programs.

But all the material is also available on-demand, individually, enmeshed in pages & posts & articles; listed chronologically in the MULTIMEDIA INDEX.

Searcheable with both STANDARD SEARCH (custom Google search) & () BETA SEARCH (Google API).

I like the idea of having both a continous radio station playing & also a static on-demand facility. So that's what I've done. More soon, work to do, people to call, songs to be sung.

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